National Parks Tour

This tour was initiated to spend some time with my younger daughter, Caitria, who at the time was just 15 years of age; she wanted to go to see Rushmore and I wanted to do another father-daughter ride. This tour would include WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, and SD locations, visiting multiple state and national … Read more

Fungal in the Jungle

The Fungle is an informal event occurring some September; hosted by a gentleman named Wayne, the event is open to anyone who hears about it via word of mouth. There are no references on ADV forums, no routes to/from, and no fancy on-site events – we all bring something and all share what we have … Read more

Alaska Tour

The epic Tour of Alaska 2012 started out as a desire to visit Ketchikan but like anything I do, it turned into a much more grand adventure involving Aisling, my then 15-year-old daughter. After realizing that I can’t get to Ketchikan without taking either a plane or a boat, I decided that it may as … Read more