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I don’t take many videos while riding even though my bike does have a permanently installed front and rear camera + DVR; it is too much work for this feable minded fool. However, there was one instance where my motorcycle captured a video of my friend, Bob, hitting a dear that I like to call Bob’s Llama. The short version is that the previous night at the WA BMW rally, which was taking place in Repubic WA, there was a long winded and absolutely useless discusion about why Llama’s were better than Alpaca. I don’t recall the specifics of this particularly useless topic since I grew weiry and went to sleep. However, I do recall stating that IMHO they are about as useful as deer but probably don’t tast as good in jerkey form.

Despite the previous evenings high brow conversation, we had managed to leave the rally before the airhead’s, which is always good thing; there is nothing quite like listening to carburated bikes that are rarely ridden starting up the morning after a long weekend of debatchery. Upon departure, we opted to travel south through the Colville Reservation then catch the Keller ferry which is operated by the Washington State ferry system and crosses Lake Roosevelt in eastern WA.  Just before arriving at the ferry junction, Bob’s Llama came out of nowehre and took him out.

While Bob experienced only minor injuries in the event, he did have to ride on the back of my bike on a metal rack since I didn’t have my bike outfitted with a pilion seat. About 125 miles later, we dropped him at the Wenatche airport where he would luckily catch a plane home while Clint and I spent the rest of the day in multiple traffic jams attempting to cross the Cascades….