Iron Butt Rally 2023

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I had the unique privilege of being able to ride in the 2023 Iron Butt Rally. The rally comprises about 100 riders from around the globe, who compete in an 11-day scavenger hunt-style motorcycle rally around North America. The event isn’t a race, but riders must make two checkpoint locations during the 11 days, where they receive updated bonus listings for the next leg. A rider cannot be a finisher by merely making the checkpoints; they must acquire a minimum number of points acquired by accomplishing what is outlined in the bonus listing, including and not limited to photos of locations, receipts, rest, and call-in bonuses.
My rookie bid to finish the rally came to an absurd end while I was sitting in Leg 3 / Final scoring and realized that I had failed to collect two bonuses I had planned and lost others that I failed to fulfill the bonus location requirements. It is embarrassing and painful that I failed to ride my Leg 3 plan effectively. Still, I am happy to have had the privilege of riding in the Iron Butt Rally and welcome a future opportunity to attain finisher status.
Highlights of the Rally

My rally route:

  • 8511.5 miles ridden during the 11-day rally
  • ~5400 miles to and from the rally start location
  • Finisher status = DNF



  1. This website ROCKS!! Incredible photos and videos!! We especially appreciated the HUGE amount of work that was required to entertain the O’Connor neighborhood during Christmas and Halloween – amazing! So many fun things to read about and see. Thanks Brian – We’ll be back…

  2. Harry Pendexter

    If anyone need help in New England, Maine New Hampshire or Vermont let me know.

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