PNW Dive Site Maps

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These are but a few of the Pacific Northwest dive locations I like to visit on a regular basis; all of these sites with the exception of Sund Rock are free to access for the public. Please visit one of these local dive shops to get some new gear, fill your tanks, or rent gear. Book a Dive Master to help introduce you to these dive sites.

Edmonds Underwater Park

  • Brackets Landing, Edmonds, WA, USA
  • Parking: location
  • Additional Photos
  • Map: Buy an updated map at Edmonds Underwater Sports


Salt Creek

  • NOTE: This dive is tide and tide and current-sensitive!
  • Port Angeles, WA, USA
  • Parking Location
  • Additional photos


Sund Rock

Octopus Hole

  • Hoodsport, WA, USA
  • Parking: location
  • Dive Site Access: Cross the guardrail and walk down the trail; when entering the water Follow heading 145 to 50′ then follow the depth South to the rock wall (~100 yards).

Comet Wreck


Lake Crescent

Redondo Beach

  • Tacoma, WA, USA
    Parking Location  NOTE: there is a fee to park at the public parking lot