Poorly Planned Tour

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This tour started as a poorly planned attempt to go coast to coast WA –> NY in less than 50 hours. I came to the realization that I had failed the attempt around the third time I recognized the same toll booth somewhere in Chicago.

Refusing to recognize reality, I ultimately decided to give up the quest somewhere around Toledo where I also had the privilege of being ticketed for loitering; the nice peace officer simply stuffed it in my helmet while I was asleep on a bench near my motorcycle. After some rest, I called up a gamer friend, Firefighter, in NY and asked if I could meet up with him for dinner. The next day, I turned SouthWest back toward Pennsylvania to visit with my sister, Penny, prior to returning westbound.

It wasn’t a total waste; I visited 18 states over 7 days, watched the sunrise from the crest of the cascade mountains, cross the epic rocky mountains, saw the largest ball of twine, visited the center of the continental US, and experienced every sort of weather along the way while thoroughly enjoying the strangeness of it all.

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