Fungal in the Jungle

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The Fungle is an informal event occurring some September; hosted by a gentleman named Wayne, the event is open to anyone who hears about it via word of mouth. There are no references on ADV forums, no routes to/from, and no fancy on-site events – we all bring something and all share what we have while experiencing a fantastic weekend of riding with friends and general motorcycling people alike. There aren’t any rules, but unofficially like most rallies: 1. don’t be an ass; 2. no photos/videos of others enjoying themselves away from civilization; 3. don’t be an ass.

While we have been attending the Fungle in the Jungle for many years; we typically do not take photos while onsite but the few I include here are classic hooliganism of some of the more rambunctious. Our transit route changes from year to year but generally speaking we will explore portions of the WA BDR (backcountry discovery route) or general FS (forest service) roads between our residence and wherever the rally will occur.  One of my favorite memories of going to this events is wearing a ‘find your zen’ shirt while getting the motorcycle stuck in the snow taking a “shortcut” right after we got busted by a Forest Ranger for using a closed road requiring some creative process to get by/under the gates.

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