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I have the unique privilege of being able to ride in the 2023 Iron Butt Rally. The rally is comprised of about 100 riders, from all over the globe, who will compete in an 11-day scavenger hunt-style motorcycle rally around North America.
  • A link will be provided to the public 2023 IBR page once it has been published
  • Learn more about the Iron Butt Association

Some interesting IBR facts:

  • in the previous 20 IBRs:
    • 77.1% of all entrants finished
    • male solo riders have finished 76.5% of the time
    • women solo riders have finished 81.1% of the time
  • almost 11,000,000 miles have been ridden in IBRs (20 IBR’s thus far)
  • ONE rider has finished nine times
  • ONE rider has ridden more than 14,000 miles in a single IBR
  • read the rally reports and watch rider location animations for the 2021 Iron Butt Rally

2023 Iron Butt Rally Start


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  1. This website ROCKS!! Incredible photos and videos!! We especially appreciated the HUGE amount of work that was required to entertain the O’Connor neighborhood during Christmas and Halloween – amazing! So many fun things to read about and see. Thanks Brian – We’ll be back…

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