Salt Creek is a dive location just a bit north of Port Angeles WA, USA along the strait of Juan De Fuca accessible in 3 or 4 locations along the north side of the Salt Creek Campground.  This day, we entered on the west side of what is called the Middle Entrance NW of camp site #58.  There is day use parking just past the campsite on the water side of the road with a direct access staircase.  You have to do some walking on some rocks so we took our BC/Tank kit down then came down with the remainder of our equipment.  Although this was my first visit to this location, I am very happy that I brought my camera on my inaugural dive of this location.(I don’t normally take my camera the first time I go to any new location in the PNW).

Special thanks to Mike and James of the Kitsap Dive Club for introducing me to this location.