American Kill Squad

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Do you fly in Digital Combat Simulator? If so, consider joining me and the AKS (American Kill Squad) clan for some VR-piloting on the AKS DCS servers. We maintain two servers, one with WW-II assets on the Normandy map, and the primary server running modern era assets on Caucus, Persian Gulf, Syria, Nevada, Marianas, and South Atlantic maps.

  • AKS DCS Server – Modern Aircraft running the following maps:
    • Caucus
    • Persian Gulf
    • Syria
    • Nevada
    • Marianas
    • South Atlantic
  • AKS – WWII Missions – WWII – World Word II Aircraft
    • Normandy

I fly the following but the servers support additional craft including and not limited to the F14, F16, and BF109:

  • F18 – Hornet
  • A-10 – Worthog
  • AH64 – Apache
  • AV88 – Harrier
  • UH1 – Huey
  • KA50 – Blackshark
  • P51 – Mustang