Visibility within the Edmonds Underwater Park clears up significantly starting in September giving us 25-45 foot visibility but because the sun sets so much earlier we will start doing more night dives in late September.

Orange Spotted Nudibranch

Sunset over buoy line covered with Ruffled Red Seaweed
(Cryptopleura ruprechtiana) – North Lights & Jetty Way.
Setting sun along buoy line
Cabezon (Scorpaenichthys marmoratus )
Ling Cod (Ophiodon elongatus)
Egg-yolk jellyfish (Phacellophora camtschatica)
~4′ long Ling Cod (Ophiodon elongatus)
Blackeye Gobie (Rhinogobiops nicholsii)
Metridium Plume Anemone