Nurse Shark passes under me in Cozumel APR- 2017

In the winter of 2015 I made the decision to re-enter the amazing sport of SCUBA diving, more than 15 years since I had last entered the water.  I am so fortuneate that I have the ability to SCUBA dive and am so very glad that I made the great decision to re-certify with Sadira & J.P. of @ Edmonds Underwater Sports; their tutelage, professionalism and diverse experience has helped make all of my experiences amazing!

Over the last year I also pursued and acquired the Dive Master certification which allows me to assist instructors such as J.P & Sadira with students that are learning how to SCUBA dive.  The

Brian & Chris Guard talk about diving lights (torches)

process of becoming a Dive Master has enhanced my learning experience through expanded exposure to teaching techniques, learning areas of diving that I otherwise may not have chosen and broadens my experience through continuous education and assistance of new divers.