I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1980 but mostly dirt bikes until 1999 when I moved to Washington state.  I needed another vehicle and given the pro-motorcycle HOV lanes and FIFO ferry boarding, I opted to get a street bike.  I rode  that bike until it was totaled when I t-boned a vehicle because its driver didn’t stop at a stop sign.  While that incident was an eye opener, it did demonstrate how effective my riding gear was and it taught me a lot.  From there I moved onto other cruisers, crotch-rockets and finally BMW F/R bikes.  In 2012 I road my BMW f800GS two-up with my 15-y/o-daughter to Deadhorse AK during a 17 day ride and the following week logged my first Ironbutt Saddlesore 1000 two-up with my daughter.

Because I enjoy riding forest service roads, my current primary ride is a 2015 BMW R1200GS.  However, since I have been bitten by the Long Distance riding bug and have started venturing into LD-Rallies, I have begun outfitting my bike for long distance riding with gear including and not limited to auxiliary fuel-tank, 1-gallon hydration system, front and rear facing cameras w/DVR, SPOT satellite transponder so my wife can follow me on my journeys, and multiple GPS; farkle I would like to add in the future includes a FLIR unit but I keep diverting my $ to SCUBA equipment so it will be a while before that piece of equipment makes it onto my bike.

Iron Butt Association Certified Rides:
2019 - MS1000 - SaddleSore fundraiser for MS, Registered - will ride in APR-OCT-2019
2015 - SaddleSore 1000, 23-JUL-2015
2012 - SaddleSore 1000, 11-AUG-2012 (two up with 15-y/o-daughter)
Fund-Raising Rallies: 
2018 - MS5000, Finisher
2016 - MS5000, 3rd place, Gold Medalist
2015 - MS5000, 2nd place, Platinum Medalist
Point Based Scavenger Motorcycle Rallies:
2019 - HW3, Registered - will ride in AUG-2019
2019 - ToH, Registered - will ride in APR-OCT-2019
2019 - BMR, Registered - will ride in FEB-MAY-2019
2018 - BMR, Finisher
2017 - ToH, Finisher (2 states, OR & WA - 15+ memorials)
2017 - BMR, Finisher
2016 - BMRx, 2nd in my triangle, 33rd place overall
2016 - BMR, Finisher 
--FUTURE-- Rallies & Rides I Wish to Complete:
50cc, ButtLite, Ironbutt Rally