Pcreek.crossing.brian.oconnor-wabdr.2014lease feel free to download one of the tracks via the link at EveryTrail or contact me via email to get it send you to via email.  I highly recommend utilization of a GPS transponder (I use a SPOT) on some of these routes as they are often remote.


Most of my tracks begin and end in Washington state for the obvious reason that I live here.  There are many great local and often relatively short routes that I’ll take time to post over the coming months.


Hood Canal Forest Service Loop

  • Length: 109 milessequim_via_quilcene
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • EeveryTrail link
  • This is a easy route that will take you from Port Gamble onto forest service roads at Quilcene all the way to Sequim WA then return via 101 to Port Gamble.
  • NOTE:  this track includes a stop at the Sequim IHOP for a lunch before returning via 101



Chief Joseph Motorcycle Rally

  • ~722 mileschief.joseph
  • EeveryTrail link
  • This was a down and back trip to the 2014 Chief Joseph BMW rally.
  • We encountered snow at 4900 feet in on some of the forest service roads which made passage via the big BMW’s difficult but it was still enjoyable.  There are amazing views of Rainier from ~4500 feet as well as a great road (closed at the time but accessible to motorcycle) via FS25 east of Mt St Helens.



Northern WA & Southern BC Canada Cascade Mountain Crossing Loop (a.k.a. WA State BMW Rally in Republic WA)

  • Length: 724 mileswa-canada-loop_1
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Vertical Up: 27,674 feet
  • Vertical Down: 27,715 feet
  • EeveryTrail link
  • A loop that will require you cross the US/Canada border twice
  • Travel from Poulsbo WA over Hwy 20 (Cascades Hwy, only open about 3 months of the year), to Republic WA where you can stay the night and visit the local brewpub.  On the return trip pop up to Canada via the Danville crossing (0 minute wait time), travel through some stunning passes, some >5000 feet – all of which have great road quality, then return through the Sumas border crossing which is typically a 5-10 minute wait.


2013 International BMW Rally

  • Length: 659 miles2013_bmw_international_rally
    Duration: 3 days
  • EeveryTrail link
  • This is a route that minimizes freeway routing from Redmond WA via Mt. Rainier, Mt St Helens and Mt Hood into Salem Oregon.
  • The return trip takes you from Salem through Yamhill county and north to Poulsbo WA.





Deadhorse Alaska

Thus far I have only traveled to Alaska twice, once two-up with my older daughter in June 2012 and once to see the bears at Fish Creek near Hyder AK in 2014.  However, due to a GPS failure DSC_0176during the Hyder trip, that route was not captured.  I will again make a similar 4800+ mile trek with my younger daughter in June/July of 2016.

The trip in 2012 has some amazing photo documentation because we encountered a couple that was on a similar route for the first 4 days of our trip.  They captured the amazing photos while we were in transit such as the one to the right.  See more on our 2012 AK trip page.

  • Length: ~1,100 miles via AK Ferry & ~3,800 miles via motorcycle
  • Duration: 14 days (4 days on ferry, 10 days riding)
  • EeveryTrail linkWA-->Deadhorse-->WA 2012
  • Photos in the Yukon
  • Photos in Alaska
  • This route, while not overly difficult, does require significant planning in the area of food, water and fuel.
  • There are many sections that are greater than 240 miles between fuel stops.  Further, there is ~800 miles of gravel riding which if done while raining can be surprisingly treacherous due to the Calcium Chloride that is utilized on roads between Fairbanks and Deadhorse.
  • The route takes you northbound from Bellingham WA to Haines AK then onto Tok, Fairbanks, North Pole, Cold Foot and finally to Deadhorse (Prudoe Bay).  After lunch, you turn southbound back to Cold Foot for the night, then onto Fairbanks then continuing south to Denali National Park, Anchorage where you will continue a bit further South by East into the longest Train/Car tunnel in North America (~2.5 miles) where you can ride into Whittier.  Then onto Hope and then after a trip North by East via Tok you can drop down into Valdez AK (which you could get to via boat from Whittier also).  We then opted to return to Tok prior to turning Southerly home.
  • An alternative return routing that I will try to do on the next trip will be to go via the Top of the World Highway.